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Since its opening as a Boston-based Asbestos Consulting office nearly 25 years ago, IEE has been Massachusetts’ premier Asbestos training provider. The early 1990’s saw IEE’s focus expand into Lead Paint Inspection and, over time, IEE became the primary training school for Massachusetts Lead Inspectors and Lead Abatement Contractors (known as Deleaders in Massachusetts). Nearly every firm performing New Hampshire and Massachusetts Lead Inspections over the past decade has attended IEE for their training courses and annual refreshers.

In the late 1990’s, our primary client-base of Massachusetts and New Hampshire contractors and consultants, Boston-area hospitals, and New England towns and schools, urged IEE to begin offering various OSHA training courses including Lead in Construction, Fall Protection training classes, Hazwoper, Confined Space training classes, Respiratory Protection and later, OSHA 10 hr and OSHA 30 hr Construction and General Industry training classes. In addition, IEE became a leader in Indoor Air Quality which led to providing Mold Investigation & Remediation training. IEE offers both public courses as well as onsite and offsite classes throughout New England.

Given IEE’s experience with both the OSHA Lead in Construction Standard and the Massachusetts Lead Law, when EPA announced their Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule in 2010, IEE quickly responded and trained over 12,000 RRP contractors over the first 24 months. Having trained over 600 RRP courses (under both the EPA RRP Rule in New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut and in Massachusetts under MA DLS Lead-Safe Renovator Supervisor), IEE remains on the leading edge of regulatory training requirements including the recent enforcement focus areas on OSHA/Massachusetts Fall Protection for residential contractors as well as the OSHA Lead in Construction and OSHA Respiratory Protection Standards.

In July 2011, Mass’ Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS) announced Continuing Education requirements for licensed construction supervisors, with required topics (Workplace Safety, Lead-Safe Practices, Code Review, Energy and Business Practices). With IEE’s background training the Construction Supervisor License (CSL) exam prep course, it was apparent IEE should be at the forefront in offering both the required and elective Massachusetts Continuing Ed classes to satisfy MA CSL license renewal credit requirements. At the present time, IEE offers a wide selection of Mass CSL CE courses and is committed to meeting the CSL license-holders needs by offering day, evening, weekend, and online CSL CEU classes as demand warrants.

In March 2012, OSHA announced the revision of its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) to align with the Globally Harmonization Standard (GHS update). OSHA is requiring that all US employees are trained on the new label elements and SDS format by December 1, 2013. As always, IEE is at the forefront for being prepared to offer you the GHS training. Our first class is scheduled for Monday, September 23, 2013 and we will offer this class each month.

In 2001 IEE moved from its original location in Woburn, Mass into our current facility in Wilmington, MA where we offer public initial and refresher Asbestos, Lead, OSHA and Hazwoper classes. IEE’s goal from the outset has been to equip companies, employees, and individuals with the tools, products and knowledge to protect themselves, others in the workplace and in the environment.








“In New England, we use IEE for Massachusetts
RRP & Deleader classes,
EPA RRP Renovator Training, plus Asbestos & OSHA/Massachusetts
Fall Protection courses”

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